Hopi Wellness Center


The Office of Health Services is a professional team offering services in promoting healthy lifestyles through Health Promotions and Disease Prevention.


To instill personal responsibility through learning about health promotion and disease prevention, to create healthy families and communities.


In order to sustain our Mission and Vision, it is our strong belief and commitment that we will support one another through collaboration, coordination and communication at all levels with respect to one another.

For a listing of the Hopi Wellness Center and Hopi Veteran’s Memorial Center current and upcoming events <click here>


The mission of the Hopi Wellness Center is to provide quality services to the Hopi people to effectively prevent Type 2 diabetes in the community. The administration staff of the Hopi Wellness Center and the Hopi Veteran’s Memorial Center manage both facilities.  The administration staff coordinate events, facility rentals, property management and provide information to the public regarding program events.

Hours of Operation:  Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm

Amelia Onsae – Office Manager (928) 734-3443
Tiffany Koyayesva – Secretary II (928) 734-3432

DMLOGO2 smaller The Hopi Special Diabetes Program

The Hopi Special Diabetes Program provides community programs and educational opportunities to the Hopi community to reduce the incidence rate of type 2 diabetes.  It is our hope to create a healthier community and be a guide to making healthy lifestyle changes for all community members.

Hours of Operation Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm

Sandra Ovah – Diabetes Program Coordinator (928) 734-3441
Jessica Quamahongnewa – Diabetes Prevention Educator (928) 734-3435
Valerie Nuvayestewa – Diabetes Prevention Educator (928) 734-3436
Terri Honani – Diabetes Prevention Educator (928) 734-3433
Kanesha Quanimptewa – Diabetes Prevention Educator (928) 734-3444


The Hopi Fitness Center

The Hopi Fitness Center provides participants with the highest quality fitness services to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle.  We take great pride in our facility, and our services are designed to help improve ones well-being and overall quality of life. Personal training, group fitness classes, Zumba, treadmill workouts and more are offered by certified Physical Fitness Trainers.

Hours of Operation – Winter Hours Beginning Monday, October 3rd
Monday – Thursday 7:00am – 7:00pm
Friday – 7:00am – 3:00pm

Front Desk – (928) 734-3439
Andrea Siow – Physical Fitness Coordinator (928) 734-3434
Otellie Honanie – Physical Fitness Trainer
Megan Talahaftewa – Physical Fitness Trainer
Ryan Carl – Physical Fitness Trainer

For a current listing of Fitness Center events, activities and monthly challenges CLICK HERE

kids_korner_logoKids Korner

The Office of Health Services, Special Diabetes Program, welcomes you to Kids Korner!



Kids Korner is a fun, loving atmosphere where you can leave your child(ren) while you participate in wellness activities. Parents are valuable tools to their children’s source of learning from the moment they are born and throughout their lives.
The goal of Kids Korner is to provide a safe, secure and healthy environment that promotes self-expression, exploration, and encouragement. Kids Korner provides child care services to users of the Hopi Fitness Center.  Services are provided at no cost in hopes of encouraging more people to utilize the Fitness Center. 

Hours of Operation – Summer Hours
Monday – Thursday 12:00pm – 7:00pm
Closed Fridays

Office – (928) 734-3438
Doris Hoyungowa – Childcare Provider
Vanessa Nutumya – Childcare Provider

The Hopi Veteran’s Memorial Center

The Hopi Veteran’s Memorial Center is a multi-purpose gym/facility used to host program events as well as rented to the public. A number of community and recreational events are held in the facility year round.

Ernie Andrews – HVMC Supervisor (928) 734-3442
Kerwin Holmes – Custodian/Facility Maintenance Technicians (928) 734-3446
Larry Humeyestewa – Custodian/Facility Maintenance Technicians (928) 734-3446