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Hopi Tutuveni 2019 Subscription Drive Is Fully Underway

By: Romalita Laban, Managing Editor

Kykotsmovi, Ariz. – As of July 1st the Hopi Tutuveni’s 2019 Subscription Drive is in full swing with more items added to the Subscription Drive Incentive basket, including a pair of women’s moccasins. At publication, there will be just fifteen days left to participate in the 2019 Subscription Drive and a chance to acquire the Subscription Drive incentives.

Officially beginning on Monday, July 1, 2019 and slated to run throughout the month up through July 31, 2019, any individual/organization that determines to take out a subscription for the Hopi Tutuveni will be given the opportunity to win a basket (made entirely out of Hopi Tutuveni newspaper) and filled with incentives, with each subscription filled.

Subscription Drive Participant names will be submitted into a drawing after Hopi Tutuveni office has received official receipt of payment. The drawing will take place on August 1, 2019 (need not be present to win) and winner’s names will be published in the August 6th Hopi Tutuveni publication. The incentives along with the four unique baskets will be equal to, or valued more than, what the subscription cost would be.

Participants who subscribe during that time will in turn be guaranteed that the publications, which come out every first and third Tuesday of the month, will reach them via mail. Currently 5,000 copies of the Hopi Tribe’s official newspaper are currently being distributed monthly and through seventeen distribution sites, located on and off the Hopi reservation. Although that may seem like a lot of newspapers in reality, sometime folks do not get to the distribution sites before they are all taken.

On June 10th we received contact from Clark Tenakhongva, Hopi Vice Chairman who is also a local Hopi artist/performer, who committed support to the Hopi Tutuveni’s efforts via offering one (1) set of five (5) CD/DVDs which will go to one of the lucky 2019 Hopi Tutuveni Subscription Drive participants. The set was added to the already acquired items, such as the (4) “Hopi Tutuveni” Baskets, 1 set – “Gourd Jewels” earrings donated by Romalita Laban, a “Don’t Worry Be Hopi” t-shirt and a Coin bracelet from Tsakursovi, “Hopi Tutuveni” coffee mugs from Tribal Ink, 4 bags w/incentives from Hopi Senom Transit and a KUYI Hopi Radio t-shirt, as incentives for drive. Hopi Tutuveni was also successful in negotiating further with KUYI Hopi Radio and garnered three (3) more t-shirts resulting in one being placed in each of the baskets. Additionally, Tutuveni also acquired two (2) beautiful pieces of artwork from White Bear Hopi Arts. As, of July 3, 2019, Monongya Gallery has generously participated by offering one (1) ladies pair of yellow mocassins, silver link chain, and a beautiful Star Blower silver pendant.  And on July 5, 2019 Honyoutink, a local Hopi owned printing company added four (4) coffee mugs and two (2) t-shirts, which all have the Honyoutink designs, to list of items available as Hopi Tutueni Subscription Drive incentives. We also anticipate hearing from the Hopi Cultural Center and LaFonda Mexican Restaurant in Flagstaff, Ariz. for more Hopi Tutuveni Subscription Drive incentives.

We encourage other artists and businesses who wish to participate in this portion of the efforts to contact Romalita Laban, Managing Editor at 928-737-3281 or at [email protected]

A sample depiction of what the Hopi Tutuveni Subscription Incentive Basket may look like is shown above. We wanted to prepare Hopi Tutuveni readers for the upcoming drive by giving a sneak peak of a couple of the completed baskets. The uniquely designed baskets were created by a locally commissioned Hopi artist, Ronald L. Laban who is from Walpi village and is a part of the local artist group – Walpi Studios, based in Walpi, Ariz. Some incentives are still in route to Hopi Tutuveni with more incentives expected. There will be a total of four baskets, filled with the incentives, available for four lucky 2019 Hopi Tutuveni Subscription Drive participants.

We encourage all to participate in the Hopi Tutuveni 2019 Subscription Drive which is now taking place. Any questions regarding the drive can be directed to Hopi Tutuveni staff at 928-734-3283 or 928-734-3281. Email inquiries can be sent to [email protected]

Askwali/Kwa kwa!

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Romalita Laban, Managing Editor
Carl Onsae, Assistant Editor
Curtis Honanie
George Mase
Kyle Knox

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