Enrolled Member Services

Hopi Tribal Photo I.D.

Hopi Tribal Photo I.D. Membership cards can be obtained: Monday—Friday (8:00 a.m.— 5:00 p.m.)

Photo ID Cards will expire two (2) years from the date it was issued unless member is 70 years old or older.

  • First time & Renewal Photo I.D. cards— No Charge
  • Lost/ Stolen Photo I.D. cards — $15 (replacement fee)
  • Fading/Splitting of Photo I.D. Card — No Charge (if card is returned)

*Questions regarding Hopi Tribal Membership/Photo I.D.’s may be referred to (928) 734-3152

Corrections/Changes to Membership Records

The following documents must be provided prior to change:

Name Change

Court Order for Name Change, State Identification Card/Driver License, Amended Certified Birth Certificate or Marriage Certificate.

Date of Birth

State Certified Birth Certificate, State Identification Card/Driver License, Hospital Clinical Record, Notarized Affidavit of Birth or Home Birth Record (must be signed by Physician, Nurse or Attendant)


Provide the address that you are currently receiving your mail at. This is crucial for those living off-reservation, reason for, the Hopi Tribal Jury selection is based on an individual’s on-reservation address.

Enrollment/Membership Verifications

The listed verifications are issued and processed by the Tribal Enrollment Office:

  • Certificate of Hopi Indian Blood
  • Indian Preference for BIA Employment (BIA Form 4432)
  • Abstract of Enrolled/Pending Member
  • Non-enrolled Status Letter w/Hopi (Enrollment into other Tribe)

Hopi Village Affiliation Transfer

Village affiliation information is gathered for enrollment purposes only and does not establish or prove the enrollee’s village affiliation and/or membership. Pursuant to the Hopi Tribe’s Constitution, “Village Membership shall be determined by the individual Hopi Villages.”

Based on the Village Membership provision, the following steps are taken to correct or change the Hopi enrollee’s village affiliation from one village to another:

A.) Enrollee must contact the Hopi village that they wish to become a member of and request for village membership in accordance with their set procedures and policies.

B.) Upon acceptance into the village, the enrollee provides the Hopi Enrollment Office with his or her “Village Membership Acceptance” letter and a written request letter from the enrollee in authorizing to make the village affiliation corrections/changes on his or her enrollment records

Birth and Death Certificate Forms

Request forms for Certified Birth and Death Certificates from the Office of Vital Records within the state of Arizona, can be obtained from the Hopi Enrollment Office (request forms must be notarized before mailing). Fees for the certificates can be obtained at the following website:


NOTE: Persons who do not have a birth certificate recorded with the state of Arizona will need to apply for a Delayed Birth Certificate. Assistance on applying for Delayed Birth Certificate can be provided by the Enrollment Office.

Tribal Notice of Death Forms

The Tribal Notice of Death from is available at the Hopi Enrollment Office for the purpose of verifying family member’s death (form used only if the deceased member does not have a State Certified Death Certificate).

Notary Public Services – Unavailable at this time. 

Hours of Service

Monday—Friday, 8:00 a.m.—12:00 a.m. & 1:00 p.m.—5:00 p.m.

Must Provide Identification for Services:

  • Arizona Driver License or Identification Card