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On May 27, 1977 the Office of Revenue Commission (ORC) was established by the Hopi Tribal Council’s enactment of “Ordinance No. 31” to enforce “Ordinance No. 17” for purposes of regulating business activity on the Hopi Indian Reservation. Business privileges may be revoked or suspended if one does not adhere to the Laws and Regulations set forth by the Hopi Tribe.

2019 Application Forms


Any Business/Construction services conducted on the Hopi Reservation MUST submit an application for approval prior to the start date.

 Title  Modified Date    Size
Compliance/Application Process 11/9/2018 169 kb
Business/Construction License 11/9/2018  102 kb



Any persons 15 years or older MUST obtain a Peddler’s Permit for sale of tangible items and/or services performed in exchange for money.

 Title  Modified Date    Size
Peddler’s Permit 11/9/2018 102 kb



Companies or individuals who provide tour services on the Hopi Reservation MUST obtain a Tour Permit and MUST provide acceptable insurance information. The ORC department may request additional information pertinent to the application submitted.

 Title  Modified Date Size
Tour License 11/9/2018 102 kb


Any person(s) who may have a complaint against a Business, Peddler, or Tour Personnel MUST submit the form within substantial time to ensure the ORC department conducts a proper follow-up of the complaint.

 Title Modified Date Size
Office of Revenue Complaint Form 11/9/2018 73 kb