Hopi Elections Office

The intent and purpose of the Hopi Election Board and Elections Office, through the Office of the Hopi Tribal Registrar, is to provide voter information to Hopi Tribal adult members.

The Hopi Election Board and Elections Office conduct the elections for the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Hopi Tribal Council and Tribal Referendum.

The Hopi Election Board and Election Office provide the opportunity for eligible Hopi adult members to receive voter information and participate in elections for the Hopi Tribe, County, State and National Elections.  Election assistance is available for Villages and organizations throughout the Hopi Reservation.

The Hopi Election Board consists of a full five member board with two out of three alternate member positions filled.  Board members are:  Clyde Qӧtswisiwma, Chairman, Village of Shungopavi, Colleen Seletstewa, Vice Chairman, Village of Mishungnuvi, Members: Kristopher Holmes,Village of Shungopavi, Mary Ann Tenakhongva, Village of Hotevilla, Marlene Sekayquaptewa, Village of Bacavi.  Alternate Members: Elgean Joshevema, 1st Alternate, Village of Oraibi, Oran Selestewa, 2nd Alternate Village of Hotevilla, 3rd Alternate  VACANT.

Election Office personnel:  Anita Fred, Administrative Secretary and Karen L. Shupla, Tribal Registrar.

Location of Election Office:   At the intersection of Arizona State Highway 264 and BIA Route 2 (Leupp Road), adjacent to Hopi Arts, Kykotsmovi, Arizona 

Inquiries, questions or concerns can be directed to the Hopi Elections Office: 1-928-734-2507/2508,  e-mail: [email protected] or [email protected], Fax: 1-928-734-1257