Hopi Tribe Vocational Rehabilitation Program

Welcome to the Hopi Tribe Vocational Rehabilitation Program!


Promoting Life Renewal


Promoting growth and independence for our participants, people and families disabilities.


Our program is designed to improve the quality of life for American Indians with disabilities.

Our purpose is to help American Indians with disabilities find good employment.  This is different for each participant and based on their job history, disability and future.

The Hopi Vocational Rehabilitation Program works with employers, vocational schools, colleges, on the job training, job placements and with other programs.

Helping individuals with disabilities who need employment skills with job preparation, job application, resume writing, individual vocational counseling and job coaching.

Provides opportunity for career plans, job skills, and training, self-employment and transportation services to achieve successful employment.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • American Indian enrolled in a federally recognized tribe
  • 16 years of age or older
  • Reside on the Hopi Indian Reservation
  • Have a physical, mental, or behavioral disability
  • Have a disability that causes a substantial impediment (barrier) to employment
  • Potential participant must be able to benefit from and require Hopi Vocational Rehabilitation Program services in order to gain a successful employment outcome.

For more information call (928) 734-3524 or come into our office located in the Hopi Tribal Admin Bldg., second floor, Higher Education and Workforce Development Office.

HVRP Staff

Gail Pahona – VR Counselor
Work: (928) 734-3525
Cell: (928) 401-8104

Elyse Lomawaima – VR Technician   
Work: (928) 734-3524
Cell: (928) 401-8106