Office of Enrollment

Public Notice:
Please be advised the Office of Enrollment will be close at 2:00 PM on January 31, 2024 and reopen at 1:00 PM on February 2, 2024 for staff training. No services will be provided during this time.

New membership applications may be mailed to:  The Hopi Tribe – Office of Enrollment, P.O. Box 123, Kykostmovi, AZ 86039 or via email to: or Any request for membership information received during the week of the closure will be processed upon our return to the office.

Thank you, Enrollment Staff

The purpose of Hopi Tribal Enrollment is for the following reasons which may assist an individual.

  1. To receive health care at Indian Health Services (depending on the area of residence).
  2. To be eligible for education or scholarship benefits.
  3. To acquire domestic needs for adults, such as, coal and wood permits.
  4. To receive benefits thorough the Hopi Tribe’s Guidance Center, i.e. burial
  5. To acquire Hopi Tribal Membership Card for identification purpose.
  6. Other tribal benefits offered by the Hopi Tribe.

The requirements to be eligible for Hopi Tribal Membership is as follows:

  1. A person must meet the one-fourth (1/4) Hopi-Tewa Indian blood or more and be a lineal descent from any Hopi-Tewa Indian person whose name appears on the 12/31/37 Hopi Basic Membership Roll.
  2. A person must not be enrolled with any other tribe, as dual enrollment is prohibited.

Membership Criteria/Eligibility

In accordance with the Constitution and By-Laws of the Hopi Tribe, ARTICE II-MEMBERSHIP provides the criteria and eligibility for enrolled membership.

Enrollment Forms

Please contact our office to obtain the following enrollment forms:

  • Abstract of Enrolled Member Record
  • Membership Application and Instructions
  • Article II – Membership
  • Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB)
  • Enrollment Abstract of Pending Applicant
  • Notice of Death of a Member
  • Request for Verification of Enrollment Status
  • Statement of Relinquishment of Membership
  • Verification of Indian Preference for Employment (BIA 4432 Form)