Amendment and Bylaws

ARTICLE II—MEMBERSHIP shall be amended in its entirety to read as follows:


Section 1.

The following persons shall be enrolled members of the Hopi Tribe.

All persons whose names appear on the Census Roll of the Hopi Tribe as of December 31, 1937, as corrected and adopted by the Hopi Tribal Council; PROVIDED, That subsequent corrections may be made to said roll by the Hopi Tribal Council at any time with the approval of the Secretary of the Interior.

Section 2.

After the effective date of this amendment, the following persons shall be eligible for enrolled membership in the Hopi Tribe.

(a) All persons of one-fourth (1/4) degree Hopi Indian blood or more, or one-fourth (1/4) degree Tewa Indian blood or more, or one -fourth (1/4) degree Hopi-Tewa Indian blood or more combined, born after December 31, 1937, who are not enrolled with any other Indian Tribe.

(b) For the purpose of determining enrolled membership, Hopi Indian blood, Tewa Indian blood, and Hopi-Tewa Indian blood shall mean biological lineal descent from any Hopi or Tewa Indian person whose name appears on the Corrected Membership Roll of the Hopi Tribe as defined in Section 1.

Section 3.

Person Already Enrolled

All persons properly enrolled as members of the Hopi Tribe as of the effective date of this amendment shall continue to be members.

Section 4.

Village Membership

Village Membership shall be determined by the individual Hopi Villages.

Section 5.

Hopi Enrollment Ordinance

The Hopi Tribal Council shall adopt, and from time to time may amend, an enrollment ordinance not inconsistent with this Article setting forth the manner in which this Article shall be implemented and administered.

Amendment IV: Approved on December 07, 1993

Hopi Tribal Ordinance # 33 – Hopi Enrollment Ordinance Section 13.

The Hopi Tribal Council shall not approve an application for enrollment if the applicant is an enrolled member of another Indian Tribe, unless such approval is expressly conditioned upon receipt by the Enrollment Office of an official notice of relinquishment of membership in the other Indian tribe. Any enrolled member of the Hopi Tribe shall be disenrolled and removed from the membership roll in accordance with Section 12 of this Ordinance if that person is or becomes a member of any other Indian Tribe.

Revision: Approved August 07, 1995