Tribal Relinquishment for Adult/Minor Enrollee

In accordance with the Enrollment Ordinance No. 33, SECTION 11.1

A Relinquishment by an Adult Member of the Hopi Tribe, (11.1)

I. It states in part, “Any adult member who decides to relinquish his  or her membership in the Hopi Tribe shall so notify the Hopi Tribal  Enrollment Department in writing, stating the reason for relinquishment.  The relinquishment shall be effective as of the date of its receipt by  the Enrollment Department, unless the relin- quishment itself states  otherwise. The Enrollment Department shall provided a copy of the notice  of relinquishment to the Hopi Tribal Council and to the member’s  village, if any. Only an adult member of the Hopi Tribe may relinquish  his or her membership.”

II. Any adult person of the Hopi Tribe who changes membership to  another Indian tribe or who relinquishes or renounces membership in the  Hopi Tribe may submit an application for enrollment or re- enrollment in  the Hopi Tribe, however, such individuals may re- enroll only once.  Re-enrollment shall be in accordance with the provisions of Section 7 of  this Ordinance.

B. Relinquishment of a Minor of the Hopi Tribe (11.2)

I. Any parent or legal guardian of a minor who is an enrolled member  of the Hopi Tribe, may change membership of such minor to another Indian  Tribe, with the approval of the Hopi Tribal Coun- cil. Approval of the  Tribal Council shall be based on the best inter- est of the child.

II. Any person whose membership has been changed to another Indian  Tribe by his parent or legal guardian shall upon reaching the age of  adulthood, be eligible for re-enrollment in the Hopi Tribe in accordance  with Section 7 of this Ordinance.

III. Relinquishment or renunciation of Hopi Tribal membership shall  not be permitted or become effective for minors, until writ- ten proof  of enrollment in another Indian Tribe has been submit- ted and verified.

***Adult and Minor Relinquishment Request forms can be obtained from the Hopi Enrollment Office***