Water Resources

The Water Resources Program functions is a policy recommending body and technical support program for the Hopi Tribe. The primary mission is to ensure that a safe, dependable, long-term water supply is available to the Tribe. The Water Resources Program’s goals include:

  • Develop and implement a responsible Hopi Tribal water management plan for surface and groundwater use.
  • Develop and implement water quality standards and a management code.
  • Update the Geographic Information System (GIS) databases of Hopi water resources.
  • Identify contaminated sources of water and work to prevent public contact with harmful contamination.
  • Provide training and certification for water and wastewater operators.
  • Promote water conservation in wastewater treatment facilities.
  • Assist the Hopi Villages in developing and upgrading water and wastewater systems and plans.

Contact Information

Water Resources Program
The Hopi Tribe
P.O. Box 123
Kykotsmovi, Arizona 86039
Phone: (928) 734-3712

Flagstaff Office
Bilby Research Center
Northern Arizona University
Phone: (928) 380-9478