Office of Facilities & Risk Management

Mission Statement

The Office of Facilities and Risk Management Services provide multi-faceted services and resources; to promote, provide and maintain a clean, safe and healthy workplace for the Hopi Tribe employees and customers.  Our commitment is to provide a safe and secure workplace for the Hopi Tribal services and programs which benefit employees an customers.  Providing quality maintenance and repair services are assured through upgrades of buildings constructed as recently as 1979.

The Office of Facilities and Risk Management provides Projects Management Service to complete small Capital Improvement Projects funded entirely by the Hopi Tribal Council.

The Office of Facilities and Risk Management administers the Liability/Property Insurance services; Procuring Liability/Property Policies, including review of legal documents for liability protection, Loss Prevention/Insurance Claims Administration and Workplace Hazards Assessments.


  • Facilities Maintenance Services
  • Facilities Engineering Services
  • Tribal Security Guard Services
  • Motor Pool/Auto Maintenance Services
  • Tribal Facilities Custodial Services
  • Project Management of Small Capital Projects
  • Tribal Facilities Utility Management
  • Casualty/Liability/Property Insurance & Claim Services

Contact Information

Edgar Shupla Director [email protected]
Candice Ami Secretary [email protected]
Phillip Onsae Facilities & Maintenance Supervisor [email protected]
Harriett H. Setalla Office Manager [email protected]
Steven Bahnimptewa Small Projects Manager [email protected]
Risk Management
Randy Poleahla Insurance Administrator [email protected]
Aaron Nasingoetewa Electrician (Lead) [email protected]
George Silas Water Operator [email protected]
Motor Pool
Norris Onsae Motor Pool & Garage Supervisor [email protected]