Public Health Compliance Program

Services offered by the Hopi Public Health Compliance Program

  • Food Service Sanitation surveys
  • Environmental Health & Safety surveys
  • Issuance of Hopi Food Handler’s cards and sanitation permits
  • Surveillance of infectious diseases that may impact Hopi
  • Infectious disease prevention education
  • Seat belt and Child Safety seat education
  • Child safety seat distribution for Hopi community residents

What does this program provide to the community?

The Public Health Compliance Program ensures compliance with existing Hopi health, safety and sanitation ordinances; works in collaboration with other programs to draft needed health, safety and sanitation ordinances, assists to revise outdated Hopi health and sanitation ordinances/policies (such as the Hopi Food Service Ordinance) that protect the health and safety of the Hopi people.  The Program conducts food service sanitation surveys along with IHS,  issues Hopi Food Handler’s cards and sanitation permits. The Program is the designated contact for the Rocky Mountain spotted fever Prevention core group on behalf of the Hopi Tribe.

The Program conducts surveillance of diseases that may impact the community and  will collaborate with other programs and organizations to provide a coordinate response in the event of an occurrence or outbreak of infectious disease.  The Program provides infectious disease prevention education, seat belt and child passenger safety throughout the community and has a child safety seat distribution service for residents of the Hopi Community.

Who does this program serve?

The Public Health Compliance Program serves anyone needing a Food Handler’s card [either new or replacement], those with health/safety concerns, and animal owners.

The child safety seat distribution services are for residents of the Hopi Community

Public Health Compliance Program Staff

 Madeline Sahneyah (928) 734-3403
 Vacant (928) 734-3404