Office of Revenue Commission

The Office of Revenue Commission was established by the Hopi Tribal Council’s enactment of Ordinance 31 on May 27, 1977 with the purpose of creating a body to enforce Ordinance 17A (Revised) , which collectively regulate all business activity on the Hopi reservation.

Business Licenses / Construction Project Business Licenses

Ordinance 17A (Revised)  requires all businesses wishing to conduct business on the Hopi reservation to apply for and obtain a business license with the Hopi Tribe. The application process consists of:

  • Completion of a Business License application OR Construction Project application
  • Submittal of acceptable evidence of General Liability Insurance
  • Remittance of appropriate Business License Fee: Cashier’s Check or Money Order Only
  • If applicable, submittal of a Sanitation Permit issued by the Hopi Tribe, Department of Community Health Services.
  • For Non-Emergency Medical Transportation companies, please contact the Office of Revenue Commission for more information on the Business License process.

In addition, an applicant must contact the Hopi Environmental Protection Office (HEPO), and if applicable, the Tribal Employment Rights Office. Once issued, a license is valid until December 31st of the year it is issued for. The Commission does not offer discounted rates depending on the month of the year, or for any reason.

Peddler’s Permits

Persons who are not employees or agents of a business may apply for a Peddler’s Permit with the Hopi Tribe for the sale of tangible items and/or services performed in exchange for money. The application process includes the completion of a Peddler’s Permit Application, the remittance of the appropriate fee, and if applicable, a current Food Handler’s Card. The Commission may request additional information or documentation. Permit rates for Non-Hopi’s are $10.00 for one-day, $20.00 for one-month, or $200.00 for one-year.

Tour Guides / Operators

Companies or individuals wishing to provide tour services on the Hopi reservation must apply for and obtain a Tour Permit issued by the Hopi Tribe. A permit must be obtained prior to conducting any services on the Hopi reservation. Applicants for Tour Permits must complete an application and provide acceptable insurance information. The Commission may request additional information or documentation. The fee for an annual Tour Permit is $1,000.00. For more information on obtaining a Tour Permit please email us.

General Information

Conducting any type of business on the Hopi reservation is considered a privilege by the Hopi Tribal Council. Privileges may be revoked or suspended if one does not adhere to the laws and regulations adopted and set forth by the Hopi Tribal Council. You may contact the Commission for additional information at (928) 734-3172 or you may email us.

Commission Staff

Danny Honanie Chief Revenue Officer Term: January ’16 – December ’18
 Gayver Puhuyesva Deputy Commissioner Term: January ’16 – December ’18
Merwin Kooyahoema Deputy Commissioner Term: January ’16  – December ’18
Kym Honie Secretary  II

Application Forms

Title Modified Date Size
Non-Hopi BL 2016 3/23/2016 268.81 KB
Contruction BL App. 2016 3/23/2016 225.79 KB
Hopi Bus. Lic. 2016 3/23/2016 332.23 KB
Tour Operator App. 2016 3/23/2016
Hopi Peddlers App 2016 3/23/2016
 Non-Hopi peddlers 2016 3/23/2016
App process & procedures 2016 3/23/2016
FY 2016 Contact Listing 3/23/2016