2013 Hopi Tribal Elections News Release

2013 Hopi Tribal Elections


 Kykotsmovi, Az. – The Hopi Tribe’s Election Board announces the Notice for the Hopi Tribe’s General Elections 2013. The seats for Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Hopi Tribe will be filled in November 2013 by the elections as set forth:

Primary Elections, November 6, 2013
General Elections, November 20, 2013.

The Hopi Election Board consists of a full five member board with two out of three alternate member positions filled.  Board members are:  Clyde Qӧtswisiwma, Chairman, Village of Shungopavi, Colleen Seletstewa, Vice Chairman, Village of Mishungnuvi, Members: Kristopher Holmes,Village of Shungopavi, Mary Ann Tenakhongva, Village of Hotevilla, Marlene Sekayquaptewa, Village of Bacavi.  Alternate Members: Elgean Joshevema, 1st Alternate, Village of Oraibi, Oran Selestewa, 2nd Alternate Village of Hotevilla, 3rd Alternate  VACANT.

A Call for Candidates   is presently open. Petitions are available at the Hopi Elections Office located at the Hotevilla Business Complex, next to the Hotevilla Co-Op Store in Hotevilla, Arizona.   Normal business hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Candidates have from July 1, 2013 to October 16, 2013 to submit their Petitions for either seat.  Candidates are encouraged to submit their petitions prior to the deadline date of October 16, 2013 so  the general public is able to hear their platforms and be able to make the best  decision.

A major concern from the Hopi public is; individuals who are running for the seats make their announcement on closing day.  This does not give the Hopi public enough time to hear where the candidates stand on issues.  Candidates are encouraged to file in a timely manner.

Hopi Tribal Elections are held every four years with the exceptions of Special Elections which may occur between the regular election years as determined by the Hopi Tribal Election Board.

ABSENTEE VOTING:  Absentee Voting will be available for those who live off the Hopi reservation, be off the Hopi reservation, or enjoy voting in the privacy of their own home. Absentee Ballot applications may be requested via e-mail or telephone.  You may also stop by the Election Office to fill out an application for an Absentee Ballot. Deadlines for Absentee Ballot requests are as follows:

Primary Election – September 25, 2013
General Election – October 9, 2013

REGISTRATION:  The Hopi Tribe encourages all enrolled members to register for the elections.  Registration helps with our data base to keep addresses and names correct.

VOTER REGISTRATION FORM:   The voter registration form has a new look. Please take the time to review the form before completing and submitting to the Election office. .  Most local Village Offices and Tribal Buildings have registration forms made available for you and your family.  Voter registration forms are available at most local community offices and at the Hopi Tribe (Administration, Legislative and Honanie building).

POLLING SITES:   The 2013 Hopi Tribal Elections will include two new locations for First Mesa and Third Mesa precincts: Yuwehloo Pahki (Spider Mound) and Lower Village of Moencopi.

Confirmed precinct polling sites:
First Mesa Precinct
Yuwehloo Pahki (Spider Mound)
BIA Agency-Keams Canyon
Second Mesa Precinct
Sipaulovi/Mishungovi Community Center
Third Mesa Precinct
Bacavi Community Center
Upper Village of Moencopi
Lower Village of Moencopi

Polling Sites Pending Approval:
1st Mesa Consolidated Community Center
Ponsi Hall
Shungopavy Community Center
Kykotsmovi Community Center
Hotevilla Community Center

The Election Board encourages each Voter to vote in Precinct they are registered with. . This will help the Election office see the number of village participation. Individuals who are 18 years of age or those who will be 18 on or before the day of the election are eligible to vote. Those who are voting Absentee Ballot will be noted on the Village Affiliation section as indicated on the Absentee Ballot Application.

Election Office personnel:  Anita Fred, Administrative Secretary and Karen L. Shupla, Tribal Registrar.

Location of Election Office: Hotevilla Business Complex, Hotevilla, Arizona
****The Hopi Elections office will be relocating in August 2013.  New office location will be in Kykotsmovi.  Announcement will be forthcoming when relocation occurs.

Inquiries, questions or concerns can be directed to the Hopi Elections Office: 1-928-734-2507/2508,  e-mail: kshupla@hopi.nsn.us or hopielections@hopitelecom.net, Fax: 1-928-734-1257.


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