Office of Community Development & Planning

The Tawa’ovi Community Development project goes back some 20-plus years beginning with Hopi Tribal Resolution H-024-88.  Tawa’ovi Community is a new community that will be located 15 miles north of the Cultural Center (previously named “Turquoise Community”).  It is being developed as a planned community, and will include housing, tribal government offices, community facilities, services, etc.  This community was envisioned to take care of the usual barriers that when trying to promote development on the Reservation – locating a site, planning and availability of infrastructure (water, sewer, etc.), and flexibility for expansion.  Hopefully, because it is on the Hopi Partition Land outside Village jurisdiction, it can be developed without any hitches.  Those in support of the project especially like the idea because it does not conflict with existing villages.


Through the years the Tribe has invested in research and development of the Tawa’ovi Community.  In the last six-five years the Tawa’ovi Community Development Team (TCDT) made significant strides with design and engineering, soil studies, cost development, and programming feasibility.  In 2007 the TCDT drafted the Community Development Corporation (CDC) which will manage the Tawa’ovi Community.