Flags fly at half-staff on Hopi for fallen Dallas officers

In gesture of support and respect for Police officers

Kykotsmovi, AZ.   The Hopi Tribe is flying its flags at half-staff out of respect for the fallen Dallas Police officers that died during a protest in Dallas Thursday evening, July 7. Hopi Tribal Chairman Herman Honanie stated, “In light of tragic events in Dallas, Texas, involving Police officers, out of respect for the officers killed, it is ordered the U.S. Flag be lowered to Half-staff today, Friday July 8, 2016.”

Chairman Honanie asked all local entities to show support and respect and join the Hopi Tribe in this gesture of support, “for our own law Enforcement officers and for the officers killed in Dallas.”

Jamie Kootswatewa, Supervisory Special Agent/Chief of Police for Hopi BIA Law Enforcement responded to the Dallas tragic event as “a very dark day for law enforcement.” Kootswatewa further acknowledged his appreciation for the Tribe’s unwavering support of law enforcement.  “Something as small as acknowledging the event and lowering the flag at half-staff is a symbol of respect to those who put the uniform on daily knowing that we put ourselves in harm’s way to help protect and serve the community we love and care for.”

The Hopi Tribe’s Range Enforcement Services (HRES) Lt. Sequi, stated, “This sort of news is disheartening and sad.  We all share the pain and heart when a fellow officer is killed in the line of duty.” The HRES will wear their badge shrouds until the officers are laid to rest in honor and respect to the officers who lost their lives.

According to national news reports a total of 12 officers were shot. Of those 12, five Dallas police officers were killed, and several others were wounded at a protest being held over recent police shootings. The protest took place in downtown Dallas, Texas, Thursday, July 7, 2016.

Flags fly at half staff on Hopi for fallen Dallas officers

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