Hopi Tribe Declares Extreme Fire Danger

Fire restrictions in place for Hopi reservation lands

Kykotsmovi, AZ. The Hopi Tribe has issued an Executive Order, declaring a “State of Extreme Fire Danger,” within the boundaries of the Hopi Reservation until further notice.   Executive Order #01-2016 was executed on June 22 and has set the following restrictions and sanctions:

  • Open burning is prohibited within the Reservation woodlands, wetlands, rangelands, farming areas, residential areas, and near public facilities.
  • Fireworks are prohibited. The possession or use of fireworks is prohibited due to the high fire danger. Fireworks will be confiscated by BIA Law Enforcement Officers and/or Hopi Resource Enforcement Officers.
  • Camp Fires are restricted within residential areas. Charcoal grills, propane and wood stoves are allowed within a ten (10) foot area of a residence only if it is clear of flammable material.
    • The fire must be constantly monitored and controlled to assure it will not become an uncontrolled fire.

o   No burning is allowed on “RED FLAG DAYS” as determined by the National Weather Service or when sustaining wind is in excess of 5 miles per hour.

Individuals in violation of the Executive Order may be prosecuted in accordance with the following Hopi Code sections: 3.4.5 Civil Damages (which may include a fine up to $15,000); 3.8.6 Criminal Damage To Property; and 3.8.8 Burning.

The Hopi Reservation has been experiencing below average precipitation and is in a severe drought. The dry conditions along with high winds, and the large number of human caused fires on the Hopi reservation, pose an extreme wildfire threat, which necessitates the issuance of certain restrictions and sanctions for the protection of life, property, natural and cultural resources on the Hopi reservation.

Hopi Tribe Declares Extreme Fire Danger


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